The MLA Practice Resource Centre is also the administration office for the Middlesex Law Association, so all questions concerning membership, lockers, CPD, social events, newsletter advertising and other association-specific questions can be directed to the staff at the PRC.

Research Services


Two qualified professional library staff members are available to conduct research for members on their behalf. We ask that you submit your question by email providing all the facts you feel are relevant to your situation. There is no charge for this member service.

MLA Chat

Our chat service is available from the MLA website and is available for direct communication during normal staff hours, Monday to Friday 8:30 – 4:30. You may ask any library or association question through this service for immediate response.


Most items in the library can be borrowed for up to a week but need to be signed out. Sign out cards are on the inside front cover of our books and any item out longer than one week is subject to immediate recall.

Equipment Services


The photocopier is multi-function and staff can assist you with operation. Copying and printing require a copy account that the user funds upfront and the cost is debited from the balance. Copies are 25 cents a page (50 cents for colour) and scanning is free.


The MLA PRC offers WIFI within its space and the staff can provide you with the access code. The London Courthouse also offers WIFI through the Ministry of Attorney General:

  • Public WIFI connection procedure
  • Parties to a Matter WIFI access application and procedure

Binding Machine

This is a free service and staff can assist you with the operation. We have a variety of numbered tabs and binding coils that were donated to the MLA and which are free for users to take.

Cell Phone Charger

Located at the front desk of the library with standard cables supplied.

Association Services


Members may pay to rent locker spots on an annual basis and both visitors and members may sign out day-use lockers. There is no cost for day-use lockers, but they are subject to availability and are for short-term use only. Several closets are available for coats, etc., and washrooms are within the two locker rooms.

Lounge/Meeting Rooms

The Mayer Lerner Lounge is available to all library users and can be booked for meetings. There are two additional lounge areas: one right outside of the Mayer Lerner Lounge and one near the window area in the library. All lounge areas are restricted to members of the Middlesex Law Association, Judiciary, Court House staff and those committees which serve the needs of the members of the Association. Lawyers and their clients do not have access to the lounges as the MLA PRC is not open to members of the public, including clients, even if escorted by one of our members.


The kitchenette is located off the Mayer Lerner Lounge and contains a refrigerator, microwave, toaster oven and kettle, along with cutlery and mugs. The refrigerator is for day use only and items should not be stored in it longer than a day. Please wash and return any borrowed items to their places in the kitchenette immediately after use and do not remove anything from the clearly marked staff cupboards and drawers.

Court Attire

The MLA PRC has a selection of donated court attire that may be borrowed daily. Tabs are also available but must be signed out from staff at the front counter.

Emergency Supplies

The MLA PRC can provide you with tissues, hand sanitizer, mints, pens, paper, ibuprofen or acetaminophen, band-aids, safety pins, and sewing supplies at no charge and the women’s washroom has feminine hygiene products available also at no charge. We also sell USBs for $10, including HST.

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