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The Middlesex Law Association is dedicated to supporting young lawyers and students by providing opportunities for ongoing growth, learning, and development.

MLA Western Law Scholarship

In 2016, the MLA established a $5,000 scholarship for a third-year Western Law student who best fulfilled the criteria MLA set, which mainly focuses on ties to the London/Middlesex community.

The criteria for the award of the scholarship are as follows:

  1. The student’s participation in the London/Middlesex legal community;
  2. The student’s long term goals;
  3. The likelihood that the student will remain in the London/Middlesex legal community;
  4. The student’s academic record in the first two years of law school; and,
  5. The student’s connection to London/Middlesex.

Application Guidelines

The application will consist of a 900-word essay outlining the reasons why the student feels they are an appropriate recipient for this award together with any supporting information such as a CV and law school transcripts.

Please scan all documents into a single PDF and submit your application by email.

Applications are due late in the fall semester. The deadline for applications is circulated by Western Law school and Western University.

Winner Selection

The Middlesex Law Association Scholarship will be announced at the MLA Annual General Meeting, which is held in the later part of February or March. Attendance by the MLA Scholarship recipient is encouraged but not mandatory.

Past Recipients

2021 – Aaron Ender
2020 – Kelsey Vicary
2019 – Callie Hill
2018 – David Isaac
2017 – Colin Steffler
2016 – Victoria Yang

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