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Library Christmas Party - Thursday, December 19, 2019

Earning and Reporting Your CPD Credits

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 MLA-CPD Calendar of Upcoming Programs

Mark your calendars now for these upcoming CPD seminars and other MLA events.  Further details will be forwarded to MLA members via email closer to the event.  If you have any questions, please contact MLA Director of CPD Paula Puddy at The link to the calendar is below:

2019 Late Fall Calendar of CPD Programs

Cancellation Policy for CPD Events:  
The Middlesex Law Association will refund the registration fee + HST if cancellation is received FIVE business days before the CPD program.

Topic & Speaker Suggestions
If you have an idea for CPD, please share it with us!  Your topic or speaker suggestions will be reviewed and may be used in upcoming programs.  Email Paula Puddy, Director of Continuing Professional Development, at

Library Christmas Party
Thursday, December 19, 2019
All Day!

Okay, there won't be a live jazz band but we can play some nice, cheesy music if that's important. What is important, though, is that our event is ALL DAY and features coffee, hot cider and a dizzying array of delectable, sugar-loaded cookies, squares and tarts, all HOMEMADE by the library staff. It's our way of thanking you for using the library over the past year and we'd love to see any MLA members who can drop by that day.

CPD-Save the Dates

Please check here regularly for dates of upcoming MLA-CPD seminars. As well, we we will provide links to some non-MLA CPD seminars that will be held in the London area. For those links, registrations should be placed with the body organizing the event as these are not Middlesex Law Association seminars.

  • Advocates Society 2020 Courthouse Series - London, February 27, 2020 Program Flyer
  • Luke's Place: "Effective Lawyering with Clients Leaving Abusive Relationships" 3 hour online course ($125)  Program Flyer

Earning and Reporting Your CPD Credits

Overview of the CPD Requirement
How to Report Your Credits

CPD Credits for 2018 MLA-CPD Programs
CPD Credits for 2017 MLA-CPD Programs

Middlesex Law Association Videos Available on

If you cannot attend our MLA programs, or if you have a conflict, or we don’t offer programming for your specific practice area, or you need a few extra hours, consider purchasing an individual subscription from is an on-demand CPD video website. They have hundreds of hours of LSO accredited programming, substantive and professionalism including EDI, in virtually all practice areas.

CPD Online Deal for MLA Members Ending Soon

Since 2018, our MLA members received a great discount rate of $199 + HST (50% off the original price) for unlimited access to this extensive, accredited video library. To date, 36 members have taken advantage of our discount code, MiddlesexCPD, when signing-up with  In turn, has shared $100 per discount code user with us, totalling $3,600!

Our members have used the most discount codes of any county law association in Ontario! Please note that this money is in addition to the revenue sharing (approximately $4,500 in 2018) we receive when videotapes our in-person programs and sells them to users across the country.

This 50% off discount code, MiddlesexCPD, is ending as of January 1, 2020.  MLA members can still purchase an Individual Subscription at the discounted price of $199.00 up to Dec 31, 2019. Please note that subscriptions run on the calendar year, so any new subscriptions will be for the balance of 2019.  

Even though the original prices take effect January 1, 2020, will continue to be an excellent partner. The MLA will receive $100.00 per new subscriber, and 100.00 per renewal. This guarantees a healthy, and ongoing, revenue stream for our association. So, sign-up now for the “rest of your hours”, or up to 6 hours of solo watching (I hope not!) 

 For more information, e-mail Paula Puddy at or call 519-868-6771.

How to Sign Up

1.    Go to

2.    Get Started... Individual Subscription

3.    Input Association Code, MiddlesexCPD at checkout (price drops from $399.00 to the law association member price of $199.00) Note: this discounted rate is only available until December 31, 2019.

To browse CPDonline's complete offerings, go to MLA-CPD programs available through the site are linked below.

Program  Title Speakers Credits

The Quick & Dirty Personal Injury Luncheon 2019

Quick and Dirty Personal Injury Update. Interim Costs at the Licence Appeals Tribunal: Unreasonable Conduct or Simply Bad Manners?; Proving the Threshold; LTD Limitations; Advocacy Practice Management Update: Proven tools to shorten trials

Alysia Christiaen;
Kerry Figliomeni;
Barbara Legate;
Lucy Lee;
Patrick Brennan;
William Brennan;
Evelyn ten Cate;
Donna M. Kraft;
S. Michael Robertson;
Carolyn Brandow

Sub: 1.75

Straight from the Bench 2019

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion: Professional Ethics & Mental Health

Randal Graham

EDI: 0.75

Straight from the Bench 2019

The View from the Court of Appeal: Red block, green block, yellow block, blue; with so much competition, what do we do? and Southwest Regional Update 2019

The Honourable Mr. Justice David Brown;
Regional Senior Justice Bruce G. Thomas

Prof: 0.75

Straight from the Bench 2019

Post-Hyrniak: A Panel Discussion

The Honourable Mr. Justice David Brown;
The Honourable Madam Justice Helen A. Rady;
John H. McNair;
Sonia Fabiani;
Dara Lambe

Sub: 0.75

Straight from the Bench 2019

Cannabis is Legal, now what?; Standard of Review for Arbitrators; Summary Judgment: A case comment; The Power of Equity: A case comment

James Zegers;
George Hamzo;
Benjamin Blay;
Leanne Kuchynski

Sub: 1

The Med-Mal Luncheon 2019

The First Annual Med-Mal Luncheon Part 1: Trials & Tribulations of Experts: Lessons Learned from Recent Cases

Shauna Powell;
Valerie Wise;
Jill McCartney

Prof: 0.25

Sub: 0.75

The Med-Mal Luncheon 2019

The First Annual Med-Mal Luncheon Part 2: A Case Comment: Stirrett v Cheema – When does a fiduciary duty exist in the physician-patient relationship?; A Causation Update: One year after Sacks v. Ross

Kimberly Knight;
Doug Wallace

Sub: 0.75

The Personal Injury Conference Fall 2018


Equality, Diversity & Inclusion: Implications of sexual relationships in the lawyer’s workplace

Randal Graham

EDI: 0.5

The Personal Injury Conference Fall 2018


Expert Evidence: A Panel Discussion; Evidence at IME’s: Practical Tips

Brian Smith;
Anna Szczurko;
Gary Phelps;
Alysia Christiaen;
Bill Simpson

Sub: 1

The Personal Injury Conference Fall 2018


Surveillance Evidence: A Case Comment Rolley v. MacDonell; A Panel Discussion

Alex Wolfe;
Sandra DiMeo;
Tara Pollitt;
Gavin Phillips;
Kerry Figliomeni

Sub: 0.75

The Personal Injury Conference Fall 2018


Evidentiary Issues at Trial: Campbell v. The Municipal Corporation of the County of Bruce

Andrew Murray;
Terry Shillington

Sub: 0.75

Interested in MLA-CPD Programs prior to December 2018 that are available for viewing through CPD Online? Check out the programs in the link below:

MLA-CPD Programs on CPDOnline prior to December 2018

London Lawyers Feed the Hungry

London Lawyers recognize our responsibility to our community – including helping London's least fortunate. The London Lawyers Feed the Hungry Program aims to help ensure that all Londoners have adequate food. Donations are tax deductible and may be made by cheque, payable to the Law Society Foundation, or by VISA. Find out more about this worthy venture, and how you can contribute in the following information sheet:

London Lawyers Feed the Hungry Information Sheet

Read about the London Feed the Hungry Milk and Juice initiative in the following news release:

Milk and Juice Program

Application for Funds:

Organizations interested in applying for funds to run programs related to feeding the hungry in the City of London and the County of Middlesex are invited to complete the Application for Funds via the link below.  Further details can be found in the application.

Application for Funds Form