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In order to assist members with what qualifies as "urgent", the MLA is collecting endorsements submitted by our members. Please email a copy of any endorsements to us at

MLA-CPD Program Details
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15th_Annual_Straight_from_the_Bench_Conference - Monday November 2, and Tuesday, November 3, 2020

15th Annual Wills, Estates & Trusts Conference - Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Creating 2SLGBTQ+ Positive Space - Friday, November 20, 2020

Quick & Dirty Personal Injury Update - Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Save-the-Dates! - Upcoming MLA-CPD Programs

Other CPD Program Opportunities

October 21, 2020 News

Swearing-In Ceremony for Justice M.B. Carnegie - Wednesday, October 28, 2020

October 15, 2020 News

Elgin Unified Family Court Memo

Consolidated Notice to the Profession and Public Regarding the Small Claims Court

September 28, 2020 News

Reminder: Superior Court of Justice Memo re: Criminal and Civil Operations in London commencing September 8, 20

September 23, 2020 News

FOLA Response to Defund the LSO

London Family Court Back to Operations Memo - September 22, 2020

Ontario Court of Justice Virtual Criminal Case Management Expansion

Ontario Court of Justice Family Court First Appearance Before Clerk Update

September 3, 2020 News

Ontario Court of Justice Update – Additional Court Locations Commencing Virtual Criminal Case Management Appearances on September 8, 2020 (Published September 2, 2020)

Ontario Court of Justice-Family Court Update - COVID-19: Scheduling of Family Matters in the Ontario Court of Justice (September 2, 2020)

Superior Court of Justice Supplementary Notice to the Profession and Litigants in Civil and Family Matters Including Electronic Filings and Document Sharing (Caselines Pilot) (September 2, 2020)

September 2, 2020 News

Superior Court of Justice Memo re: Criminal and Civil Operations in London commencing September 8, 2020

September 1, 2020 News

Ontario Court of Justice Notice to the Profession re: Resumption of Criminal Trials and Preliminary Hearings (Published August 26, 2020)

August 31, 2020 News

London Civil Motions Procedure Memo

August 27, 2020 News

Justice Grace Memo re: Civil Assignment Court - Aug 26, 2020
     -London SCJ Calendar 2020
     -London SCJ Calendar 2021

FAugust 26, 2020 News

Legal Aid Notice to Panel Lawyers

August 24, 2020 News

Superior Court of Justice Notice to the Profession for Appeals from the Landlord and Tenant Board in the Divisional Court (Effective August 24, 2020)

August 21, 2020 News

Limitation Periods Resumption - September 14, 2020

Ontario Court of Justice Update re: Virtual Criminal Case Management Appearances

Ontario Court of Justice Information for Self-Represented Accused Persons with Criminal Cases

COVID-19 Recommended Precautionary Measures: Resuming Court Operations - updated

Courthouse Screening Self-Assessment Tool

August 17, 2020 News

Superior Court of Justice Commercial List and Estates List Filing Direction -effective today

Memorandum re Weekly Schedule London Unified Family Court Commencing September 28, 2020

London Unified Family Court Weekly Schedule commencing September 28 2020

MAG -Justice Services Online Letter to Stakeholders- August 13 2020

Ontario Court Cases Online

August 14, 2020 News

Ontario Court of Justice Notice to the Profession and the Public: Update regarding the Scheduling of Criminal Trials and Preliminary Inquiries (Published August 12, 2020)

Ontario Court of Justice Practice Direction: COVID-19: Waiver of Personal Attendance and Request for Adjournment / Remand by Accused Persons in Custody (August 12, 2020)

August 12, 2020 News

Superior Court Provincial Practice Direction /Amendment to the Criminal Proceedings Rules Regarding Criminal Proceedings

Ontario Court of Justice Notice to the Legal Profession and the Public regarding the process of electronically submitting documents at the Ontario Court of Justice (updated August 10, 2020)

Small Claims Court Expansion of Matters

Divisional Court Sittings 2021

LSO External Appointments

July 22, 2020 News

Superior Court of Justice - Notice to the Profession re: Justice Participants Unable to attend In-Court Hearings in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice (July 21, 2020)

Ontario Court of Justice - A Guide for Self-Represented Litigants During COVID-19

July 17, 2020 News

September/October London Civil Jury Trials

July 13, 2020 News

Ontario Court of Appeal - Amended Practice Direction Regarding the Electronic Conduct of Matters During the COVID-19 Emergency

Superior Court of Justice - Continued Suspension of Small Claims Court operations due to COVID-19

July 8, 2020 News

Bill 195, Reopening Ontario (A Flexible Response to COVID-19) Act, 2020

Land Registry Office Closures

July 6, 2020 News

Courthouse Screening Self-Assessment Tool

Online Claims Filing Links -Civil, Family. Small Claims

July 3, 2020 News

OCJ - Notice to the Profession and the Public re Criminal Case Management Appearances and Setting Trial and Preliminary Inquiry Dates (Published July 2, 2020)

OCJ - COVID-19 Pandemic – Criminal Case Adjournment Dates – Out-of-Custody Accused (Updated July 2, 2020)

June 30, 2020 News

Notice to the Profession - Divisional Court -June 29, 2020

June 26, 2020 News

London Courthouse COVID-19 Risk Assessment Report

June 25, 2020 News

SCJ Notice to the Profession, Litigants, Accused, Media and Members of the Public (June 25, 2020)

 RSJ Thomas - Notice of Proceedings - Southwest Region - June 24 2020

June 24, 2020 News

Justice Henderson Memo re: July 6th Opening of Family Courts

June 8, 2020 News

Court Services Expansion Summary Chart

June 3, 2020 News

Unified Family Court London Conference Protocol (May 29, 2020)

May 14, 2020 News

Southwest Region - Endorsement from Justice Grace Adjourning Civil Matters

May 13, 2020 News

Superior Court of Justice - Consolidated Notice to the Profession, Litigants, Accused Persons, Public and the Media -effective May 19, 2020

Second Expansion of Superior Court Southwest Region Operations

Summary of Provincial Notice and Chart of Regional Matters

April 27, 2020 News

Summary of What Email to Use for Your Matter

April 23, 2020 News

O Reg 164/20 Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act - Order under Subsection 7.0.2 (4) of the Act - Signatures in Wills and Powers of Attorney

**To any lawyers who draft wills – In trying to do our part during this situation, the MLA is assembling a pool of lawyers to draft Wills for people who are in the hospital as a result of COVID and do not have wills, on a pro bono basis. If you are interested please contact Erin Rankin Nash at

April 17, 2020 News

LSO's Virtual Commissioning Checklist

April 2, 2020 Information re: April 6th Expansion of SCJ Court Operations

Southwest Region Notice - SCJ Expansion April 2, 2020 - region-specific details
- Civil Pre-Trial Conference Request Form

MLA-CPD Program Details

All In-Person programming is on hold due to COVID-19 but we still have a robust slate of online seminars and conferences through the end of 2020. If you have any questions, please contact MLA Director of CPD Paula Puddy at

Cancellation Policy for CPD Events:  
The Middlesex Law Association will refund the registration fee + HST if cancellation is received FIVE business days before the CPD program.

15th Annual Straight from the Bench Conference
Monday, November 2, 2020, 9:00am to 12:20pm and
Tuesday, November 3, 2020, 9:00am to 12:30pm
Online via Zoom

This program contains 1 hour of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Professionalism content, 1 hour of Professionalism hours and up to 4.5 Substantive hours.

We have a great agenda, excellent speakers, lots of judge participation, interesting topics and generous sponsors.

Since the program will be on Zoom, we have reduced the price and split up the agenda over two mornings. If you cannot attend one of the dates, please register and we will ensure you have access to the presentations you missed as the program will be recorded.  

Program Flyer  •  Registration Form

15th Annual Wills, Estates & Trusts Conference
Wednesday, November 4, 2020
9:00am to 11:00am
Online via Zoom

This program contains .5 Professionalism hours and up to 1.5 Substantive hours.

This program is a must attend for solicitors who drafts wills, administers estates, or estate litigators!

The conference is packed full of helpful information such as case law updates, practical tips, professionalism & ethical issues and how COVID has nudged us forward!  Don’t miss it!

Program Flyer & Registration Details

Creating 2SLGBTQ+ Positive Space
Friday, November 20, 2020
12:30pm to 2:00pm
Online via Zoom

This program contains 1.5 hours of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Professionalism content.

This EDI program featuring Deirdre Pike explores what it means to create 2SLGBTQ+ Positive Space from a personal, organizational and political or global perspective.

Program Flyer & Registration Details

Quick & Dirty Personal Injury Update: Plaintiff & Defence Perspectives Wednesday, December 2, 2020
1:00pm to 3:30pm
Online via Zoom

This program contains .5 hours of Professionalism hours and up to 2.0 Substantive hours.

Hear from the the experts on tips and strategies for effective written advocacy, practical issues related to striking the jury including a reference to recent cases, and a tort law update. As always, this program is relevant for both the plaintiff and defence bar.

Program Flyer & Registration Details

Save-the-Dates! - Upcoming MLA-CPD Programs

Wills, Estates & Trusts Conference
Wednesday, November 4, 2020, 8:45am to 11:45am

Other CPD Program Opportunities:

Free Programs:

Law Society of Ontario CPD Programs

The Law Society of Ontario is also offering a selection of free programs in response to COVID-19 covering areas such as real estate, family, wills, home office, technology and wellness.  Click this link to view the options:  
CPD Assists Programs

Fee-Based Local Program

Munn Conflict Resolution: Being HUMAN in the Practice of Law

Luke's Place: "Effective Lawyering with Clients Leaving Abusive Relationships" 3 hour online course ($125)  Program Flyer

Middlesex Law Association Videos Available on

If you cannot attend our MLA programs, or if you have a conflict, or we don’t offer programming for your specific practice area, or you need a few extra hours, consider purchasing an individual subscription from is an on-demand CPD video website. They have hundreds of hours of LSO accredited programming, substantive and professionalism including EDI, in virtually all practice areas. Revenue Sharing with the MLA

Since 2018, our MLA members received a great discount (50% off the original price) for unlimited access to this extensive, accredited video library (calendar year viewing). To date, over 50 members have taken advantage of our discount code, MiddlesexCPD, when signing-up with  In turn, has shared $100 per discount code user with us, totalling over $5,000!

Our members have used the most discount codes of any county law association in Ontario! Please note that this money is in addition to the revenue sharing (approximately $4,500 in 2018) we receive when records our in-person programs and sells them to users across the country.

This 50% discount code, Middlesex CPD, came to an end on December 31, 2019.

Even though the original prices take effect January 1, 2020, will continue to be an excellent partner. The MLA will receive $100.00 per new subscriber, and $100.00 per renewal. This guarantees a healthy, and ongoing, revenue stream for our association.

So, sign-up now for the “rest of your hours”, or up to 6 hours of solo watching (I hope not!)  You can also purchase individual videos too.

For more information, e-mail Paula Puddy at or call 519-434-1901.

How to Sign Up

1.    Go to

2.    Click on the “Get Started” button at the top of the page

3.    Be sure to select the Middlesex Law Association, as your law association when you sign-up!

To browse CPDonline's complete offerings, go to MLA-CPD programs available through the site are linked below.

Title Speakers Credits
The LAT: Best Practices and Other Tips from a Vice-Chair Chloe Lester Sub: 0.5
Plaintiff & Defence Perspectives: Mediation Best Practices Matt Duffy
Steve Atkinson
Sub: 0.75
Plaintiff & Defence Perspectives: Case comments: Surveillance Evidence and Duty to Defend  Maciek Piekosz
Paul Shand
Sub: 0.5
Plaintiff & Defence Perspectives: Message from the Bench The Honourable Mr. Justice A. Duncan Grace Prof: 0.5
Plaintiff & Defence Perspectives: Local case comment: Practical Tips and Interesting Issues Andrea Plumb
Jim Brown
Sub: 0.5
RRIF’s, RSPs and Insurance Investments in Estate Planning Lou-Anne Farrell
Ryan Fraser
Sub: 0.5
Professional Responsibility & Ethical Issues in Wills & Estates Daniel J. McNamara Prof: 0.5
Planning for Digital Assets Justin Newman Sub: 0.5
Case law Update Ian Wright Sub: 0.5
Defamation in the Internet Age Michel Castillo Sub: 0.5
New Developments in Corporate Law: Employment Law Refresher: 3 Common Client Calls; Current Tax Cases of Interest David Spence
Keith Trussler
Sub: 1.0
MLA Real Estate Luncheon: HELP – the DoT Needs a Court Order; Environmental Liability for Non-Polluting Parties – Different Forums Yield Different Outcomes; The Law of Restrictive Covenants Casey Hayward
Anand Srivastava
Matthew Wilson
Michael Connell
Sub: 1.0
Quick and Dirty Personal Injury Update. Interim Costs at the Licence Appeals Tribunal: Unreasonable Conduct or Simply Bad Manners?; Proving the Threshold; LTD Limitations; Advocacy Practice Management Update: Proven tools to shorten trials Alysia Christiaen
Kerry Figliomeni
Barbara Legate
Lucy Lee
Patrick Brennan
William Brennan
Evelyn ten Cate
Donna M. Kraft
S. Michael Robertson
Carolyn Brandow
Sub: 1.75
Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion: Professional Ethics & Mental Health Randal Graham EDI: 0.75
The View from the Court of Appeal: Red block, green block, yellow block, blue; with so much competition, what do we do? and Southwest Regional Update 2019 The Honourable Mr. Justice David Brown
Regional Senior Justice Bruce G. Thomas
Prof: 0.75
Post-Hyrniak: A Panel Discussion The Honourable Mr. Justice David Brown
Honourable Madam Justice Helen A. Rady
John H. McNair
Sonia Fabiani
Dara Lambe
Sub: 0.75
Cannabis is Legal, now what?; Standard of Review for Arbitrators; Summary Judgment: A case comment; The Power of Equity: A case comment James Zegers
George Hamzo
Benjamin Blay
Leanne Kuchynski
Sub: 1.0
The First Annual Med-Mal Luncheon Part 1: Trials & Tribulations of Experts: Lessons Learned from Recent Cases Shauna Powell
Valerie Wise
Jill McCartney
Prof: 0.25
The First Annual Med-Mal Luncheon Part 2: A Case Comment: Stirrett v Cheema – When does a fiduciary duty exist in the physician-patient relationship?; A Causation Update: One year after Sacks v. Ross Kimberly Knight
Doug Wallace
Sub: 0.75
Equality, Diversity & Inclusion: Implications of sexual relationships in the lawyer’s workplace Randal Graham EDI: 0.5
The Shifting Workplace Environment Post #METOO Joyce Thomas EDI: 0.75
Addressing Equality, Diversity & Inclusion The Honourable Justice Donald McLeod EDI: 0.5

Interested in MLA-CPD Programs prior to December 2018 that are available for viewing through CPD Online? Check out the programs in the link below:

MLA-CPD Programs on CPDOnline prior to December 2018

Topic & Speaker Suggestions
If you have an idea for CPD, please share it with us!  Your topic or speaker suggestions will be reviewed and may be used in upcoming programs.  Email Paula Puddy, Director of Continuing Professional Development, at

CPD-Save the Dates

Please check here regularly for dates of upcoming MLA-CPD seminars. As well, we we will provide links to some non-MLA CPD seminars that will be held in the London area or via webcast. For those links, registrations should be placed with the body organizing the event as these are not Middlesex Law Association seminars.

Earning and Reporting Your CPD Credits

Overview of the CPD Requirement
How to Report Your Credits

LSO 2019 EDI Online Programs

CPD Credits for 2019 MLA-CPD Programs
CPD Credits for 2018 MLA-CPD Programs
CPD Credits for 2017 MLA-CPD Programs



London Lawyers Feed the Hungry

London Lawyers recognize our responsibility to our community – including helping London's least fortunate. The London Lawyers Feed the Hungry Program aims to help ensure that all Londoners have adequate food. Donations are tax deductible and may be made by cheque, payable to the Law Society Foundation, or by VISA. Find out more about this worthy venture, and how you can contribute in the following information sheet:

London Lawyers Feed the Hungry Information Sheet

Read about the London Feed the Hungry Milk and Juice initiative in the following news release:

Milk and Juice Program

Application for Funds:

Organizations interested in applying for funds to run programs related to feeding the hungry in the City of London and the County of Middlesex are invited to complete the Application for Funds via the link below.  Further details can be found in the application.

Application for Funds Form